How to Tie a Vintage Style Turban : Style #3

Ok, here it is!! Style #3 in the vintage turban tying tutorial series! I love to wear turbans as they cover up so many things, bad hair days, pin curls, or maybe you just need a quick ‘do’!

4 Ways to Keep a Hat on Your Head

Have you admired vintage hats from afar? tried them on but though “How on earth do I keep this silly little thing on my head?” Well I have 4 tricks that I use to share with you, that will keep your hat firmly in place even when the wind is blowing and your skirt up around your ears!

How to Tie a Vintage Style Turban #2

Have you always wanted to try out wearing a vintage style turban or headscarf but dont know where to begin?? Too much fabric to tie and tuck??

The turban tying series continues with style #2…

How to Tie a Vintage 1940’s Style Turban #1

I have worn vintage turbans  and hair scarfs for a long time, and over that time one of the most asked questions is “Can you make a tutorial on how to tie that?? PLEEEASE!” I have decided to make it into a series as there are just so many ways you can tie a vintage style turban that I simply couldn’t fit it into just one video…..

Top 20 fashion quotes to live by - Evelyn Wood

Top 20 Fashion Quotes to Live By

Ever need a little inspiration to keep being , well you!!! I have compiled a list my top fashion and style quotes that give me a pick me up and inspire me to just experiment, have fun with fashion and just let my outer clothes express my inner self!

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